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Welcome to Charles Schwab

Welcome to Charles Schwab

Welcome to Charles Schwab

In 2020, TD Ameritrade was purchased by Charles Schwab. The pandemic delayed the process of consolidating their platforms.  which has resulted in the pending sunset of TD Ameritrade Institutional. The accounts that are held at TD will move over Labor Day Weekend.

If you already hold accounts at TD Ameritrade Institutional, there is nothing you need to do.

While we’re sad to see TD Ameritrade sunset, myself, Heather, and my colleagues at Bright Futures Wealth Management are very excited to begin our relationship with Charles Schwab.


Why is the Charles Schwab Move Beneficial?

In our due diligence, there are several reasons below that the move to Schwab is a good thing:

1.      Larger Institutional Research Team

2.      Better Money Market Sweep Rates

3.      No Change in Advisory Fees

4.      Client Centered Internet Policy: Schwab Security Guarantee

5.      Continued SIPC & Lloyd’s of London Coverages Against Fraud

6.      Continued No Stock or ETF Commissions Policy

7.      Continued Institutional Pricing on Mutual Funds & Fixed Income

8.      Continued Due Diligence

9.      Continued Review Suitability for Client

10.   Continued Secure Phone App & Computer Access: 

Do You have an Existing Charles Schwab Account?

Do You have an Existing Charles Schwab Account?

If you have an existing Charles Schwab account, we can help! We're happy to take a second look at your accounts. 

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